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Getting started with Insiders

In order to access the Insiders repository, you need to become an eligible sponsor of @capawesome-team on GitHub. GitHub will then send you an invitation within a few hours, giving you access to the sponsorware repository.


If you sponsored as an organization, please drop us a short message at [email protected] and include the username of an individual GitHub account that should have read access to the sponsorware repository. For administrative reasons, we can currently only grant access to one individual GitHub account.


After you've been added to the list of collaborators and accepted the repository invitation, the next step is to create a personal access token for your GitHub account in order to access GitHub Packages programmatically:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Generate a new token (classic)
  3. Enter a name and select the read:packages scope
  4. Generate the token and log in to the GitHub Packages npm registry (GitHub Docs):

    $ npm login --scope=@capawesome-team --auth-type=legacy --registry=
    > Username: GITHUB_USERNAME
    > Password: GITHUB_TOKEN

Be careful not to disclose your npm auth token! If you have any questions, please let us know. Follow the instructions in CI/CD Configuration to log in to GitHub packages in a CI/CD environment.


  1. In the same directory as your projects package.json file, create or edit an .npmrc file to include the following line (GitHub Docs):

  2. Install the plugin:

    npm install @capawesome-team/<plugin-name>
    npx cap sync

CI/CD Configuration

Follow the steps in this section to configure your CI/CD environment to install the private packages.

GitHub Actions

Follow these steps if you are using GitHub Actions as your CI/CD environment:

  1. Generate a token and add it to your repository as an encrypted secret with the name NPM_TOKEN as described in Creating encrypted secrets for a repository
  2. Add the following step to your GitHub Actions workflow before installing the npm dependencies:

    - name: Set npm access token for GitHub registry
      run: echo "//${{ secrets.NPM_TOKEN }}" >> .npmrc

Ionic Appflow

Follow these steps if you are using Ionic Appflow as your CI/CD environment:

  1. Generate a token and add it to your Ionic Appflow environment as an encrypted secret with the name NPM_TOKEN as described in Using private NPM modules
  2. Add the following line to your .npmrc file:


Common issues

npm ERR! code E403

If you get npm ERR! code E403 as an error during installation, then check if you are already an Insider Sponsor (1) of @capawesome-team on GitHub. Also check that you have accepted the GitHub invitation to the Sponsorware repository (2) and that you generated the token as described in Requirements. If the error remains or you have any other problems please contact us by mail.

  1. Not all sponsor tiers have access to our sponsorware. Make sure that your selected sponsor tier has the Access to our Sponsorware perk.
  2. If you haven't received an invitation by email yet, you can try to accept the invitation via this link.