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What are "Binary Compatible Changes"?

Binary compatible changes are changes that only affect your web application and do not require a native update. So as long as you only make changes to your web application, you can deploy Live Updates without having to resubmit your app to the app stores. As soon as you make a change to the native code, you must resubmit your app to the app stores.

Examples of binary compatible changes:

  • Changes to your HTML, CSS, or JavaScript
  • Changes to your assets (images, fonts, etc.)

Examples of changes that are NOT binary compatible:

  • Changes to native code (Java, Swift, Objective-C)
  • Changes to native dependencies (CocoaPods, Gradle, etc.)

How can I restrict Live Updates to specific native versions?

You can restrict Live Updates to specific native versions by using Versioned Builds or Versioned Channels.


How are Monthly Active Users (MAU) counted?

A Monthly Active User (MAU) is counted as a unique device that has synced with the Capawesome Cloud in the current month. For this purpose, the Live Update plugin generates a unique ID with which the device identifies itself to Capawesome Cloud. This ID is only valid for as long as the app is installed on the device.