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Create a bounty


This is the workflow to create a bounty:

  1. Express your interest in the issue by commenting on it and mentioning the bounty amount you are willing to pay.
  2. Wait for a maintainer to review your request.
  3. Contribute the bounty amount to Capawesome on Open Collective.
  4. Comment on the issue to confirm that you have contributed the bounty amount and share the URL of the donation (e.g.
  5. Wait for a maintainer to assign the bounty label to the issue.


Can I get a refund of my bounty?

Yes, we can refund your bounty within 30 days if the issue is not yet assigned to anyone. Simply comment on the same issue and mention that you would like a refund of your bounty.

Is there a minimum bounty amount?

Yes, for administrative reasons only amounts in $50 steps are allowed. The minimum bounty amount is therefore $50.

Is there a maximum bounty amount?

During the test period of the Bounty Program, the maximum bounty amount is currently $500.

Can bounties be combined?

Yes, you can increase the existing bounty amount of an issue as long as the maximum bounty amount is not reached.