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Claim a bounty


This is the workflow to claim a bounty:

  1. Search for issues with the bounty label
  2. Express your interest in the issue by commenting on it and ask to be assigned to it.
  3. Wait for a maintainer to assign you to the issue.
  4. Create a pull request within 30 days that closes the issue and ask for feedback and review.
  5. Wait for the pull request to be merged.
  6. Submit an expense as invoice to Capawesome on Open Collective within 30 days.


How do I get paid?

We use Open Collective to manage our finances. Once your pull request has been merged, you can submit an expense to Capawesome on Open Collective. Please make sure to select Invoice as the expense type and to include the URL of the pull request in the invoice details. After you have submitted the expense, please comment on the issue and share the URL of the expense (e.g. This way we can make sure that the expense has been submitted by you. We will then review your expense and pay it within 30 days.

Can I transfer my bounty to another issue?

Yes, if you don't want to get paid, you can alternatively transfer the bounty to another issue. This can be helpful if you want to motivate others to work on an issue that you can't work on yourself. Read on to learn how to create a bounty.

How can I remove my assignment?

If you are no longer interested in working on an issue, please comment on the issue and ask to be unassigned.

How many bounties can I claim at the same time?

You may claim a maximum of two bounties at the same time.


These terms outline the conditions for claiming bounties through the bounty program:

  1. Assignment Revocation: The assignment to an issue may be revoked by a maintainer at any time without any reason. If the assignment is revoked, there is no entitlement to the bounty associated with that issue.
  2. Payment Process: The bounty is paid out solely via Open Collective. Once your pull request has been merged, you can submit an expense via Open Collective. The invoice amount must be exactly the same as the bounty amount. Your request will then be reviewed by a maintainer within 30 days.
  3. Sanctions and Payment Restrictions: The organization is unable to pay bounties to individuals who are based in countries that are sanctioned by the United States or countries where US sanctions are so widespread that our payment processors no longer serve them. If you reside in such a country, unfortunately, you are not eligible to receive the bounty.

By participating in the bounty program, you acknowledge and agree to these terms.