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Unofficial Capacitor plugin for ML Kit Translation.1


npm install @capacitor-mlkit/translation
npx cap sync



This plugin will use the following project variables (defined in your app’s variables.gradle file):

  • $mlkitTranslateVersion version of (default: 17.0.1)


No configuration required for this plugin.


A working example can be found here: robingenz/capacitor-mlkit-plugin-demo


import { Translation, Language } from '@capacitor-mlkit/translation';

const deleteDownloadedModel = async () => {
  await Translation.deleteDownloadedModel({
    language: Language.English,

const downloadModel = async () => {
  await Translation.downloadModel({
    language: Language.English,

const getDownloadedModels = async () => {
  const { languages } = await Translation.getDownloadedModels();
  return languages;

const translate = async () => {
  const { text } = await Translation.translate({
    text: 'Good morning!',
    sourceLanguage: Language.English,
    targetLanguage: Language.German,
  return text;



deleteDownloadedModel(options: DeleteDownloadedModelOptions) => Promise<void>

Delete the language model for the given language.

Only available on Android and iOS.

Param Type
options DeleteDownloadedModelOptions

Since: 0.0.1


downloadModel(options: DownloadModel) => Promise<void>

Download a language model for offline translation.

Language models are around 30MB in size, so be sure to only download the models you need and only download them using a WiFi connection unless the user has specified otherwise.

Only available on Android and iOS.

Param Type
options DownloadModel

Since: 0.0.1


getDownloadedModels() => Promise<GetDownloadedModelsResult>

Get the languages for which a model has been downloaded.

Only available on Android and iOS.

Returns: Promise<GetDownloadedModelsResult>

Since: 0.0.1


translate(options: TranslateOptions) => Promise<TranslateResult>

Translate the given text.

If the language model for the given source and target languages is not downloaded, it will be downloaded automatically which may take some time. If you want to avoid this, use the downloadModel(...) method to download the model first.

Only available on Android and iOS.

Param Type
options TranslateOptions

Returns: Promise<TranslateResult>

Since: 0.0.1



Prop Type Description Since
language Language The language for which to delete the model. 0.0.1


Prop Type Description Since
language Language The language to download the model for. 0.0.1


Prop Type Description
languages Language[] The languages for which a model has been downloaded.


Prop Type Description Since
text string The translated text. 0.0.1


Prop Type Description Since
text string The text to translate. 0.0.1
sourceLanguage Language The source language of the text. If you don't know the source language, you can use the Language</a> Identification plugin to detect it. 0.0.1
targetLanguage Language The target language to translate the text to. 0.0.1



Members Value Since
Afrikaans 'af' 0.0.1
Arabic 'ar' 0.0.1
Belarusian 'be' 0.0.1
Bulgarian 'bg' 0.0.1
Bengali 'bn' 0.0.1
Catalan 'ca' 0.0.1
Czech 'cs' 0.0.1
Welsh 'cy' 0.0.1
Danish 'da' 0.0.1
German 'de' 0.0.1
Greek 'el' 0.0.1
English 'en' 0.0.1
Esperanto 'eo' 0.0.1
Spanish 'es' 0.0.1
Estonian 'et' 0.0.1
Persian 'fa' 0.0.1
Finnish 'fi' 0.0.1
French 'fr' 0.0.1
Irish 'ga' 0.0.1
Galician 'gl' 0.0.1
Gujarati 'gu' 0.0.1
Hebrew 'he' 0.0.1
Hindi 'hi' 0.0.1
Croatian 'hr' 0.0.1
Haitian 'ht' 0.0.1
Hungarian 'hu' 0.0.1
Indonesian 'id' 0.0.1
Icelandic 'is' 0.0.1
Italian 'it' 0.0.1
Japanese 'ja' 0.0.1
Georgian 'ka' 0.0.1
Kannada 'kn' 0.0.1
Korean 'ko' 0.0.1
Lithuanian 'lt' 0.0.1
Latvian 'lv' 0.0.1
Macedonian 'mk' 0.0.1
Marathi 'mr' 0.0.1
Malay 'ms' 0.0.1
Maltese 'mt' 0.0.1
Dutch 'nl' 0.0.1
Norwegian 'no' 0.0.1
Polish 'pl' 0.0.1
Portuguese 'pt' 0.0.1
Romanian 'ro' 0.0.1
Russian 'ru' 0.0.1
Slovak 'sk' 0.0.1
Slovenian 'sl' 0.0.1
Albanian 'sq' 0.0.1
Swedish 'sv' 0.0.1
Swahili 'sw' 0.0.1
Tamil 'ta' 0.0.1
Telugu 'te' 0.0.1
Thai 'th' 0.0.1
Tagalog 'tl' 0.0.1
Turkish 'tr' 0.0.1
Ukrainian 'uk' 0.0.1
Urdu 'ur' 0.0.1
Vietnamese 'vi' 0.0.1
Chinese 'zh' 0.0.1

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This plugin uses the Google ML Kit:





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