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First, thank you for considering contributing to Capawesome! It's people like you that make this such a great community. We welcome any type of contribution, not only code.

In this section, we guide you through our processes.

Create an issue

  •   Something is not working?

    Report a bug by creating an issue with a reproduction.

    Report a bug

  •   Want to submit a feature request?

    Propose a change, feature request, or suggest an improvement.

    Request a feature

  •   Want to submit a plugin request?

    Propose a new plugin by creating an issue with a detailed description.

    Request a plugin

  •   Have a question or need help?

    Ask a question on our discussion boards and get in touch with our community.

    Ask a question

Create a pull request

  •   Want to create a pull request?

    Learn how to create a comprehensive and useful pull request.

    Create a pull request

  •   Want to create a bounty?

    Place a bounty to motivate other developers to create a pull request.

    Create a bounty